Monday, June 13, 2011

My comments for the Medical Council of India Vision Document 2015

My comments for the vision document of MCI:

a. The common entrance test, PG entrance exam right at the end of third professional exams and before internship and a licentiate examn at the end of internship are good steps towards removing some of the deficiencies of the current Medical education system. I highly appreciate them.

b. Duration of MBBS course: The long duration of MBBS course and when coupled with PG course/s is a major deterrent for opting for Medical streams as careers nowadays. This issue has been not looked into. If somehow the duration could be reduced even by one year would be a great achievement. The point to ponder is whether 4 1/2 years are really needed ?

c. Change in nomenclature of Diploma courses to Master of Medicine: In my opinion the change in nomenclature is unwarranted as it will create confusion by having two types of Masters degrees in the field of Medicine. I think changing the fundamental structure of Diploma courses is fine but tampering with the name of the course is a futile exercise which can create confusions later on at the field level and also at the institutional levels. 

d. Career opportunities after PG: It is a very good step to think in lines of creating more career opportunities for the medical students. All the career opportunities have been created after PG of two years duration. I think it would be better if career opportunities are created after MBBS course. This would help the students to focus on their careers right from start. e.g. A student wants to enter into hospital administration after completing MBBS should be given the opportunity to rather than that he/she has to wait for two years further to enter into the career of his choice.

This is in response to the comments invited by MCI for improving the medical education standards in the country. The vision document is available online at


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Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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