Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Students have unlimited potential

'Believe in yourself', is the most important thing for a student to follow in order to grow and explore. Most of the times, it is we ourselves only, who limit ourselves from achieving what we could have. We view ourselves as persons who cannot do this, cannot do that, and able to do certain limited things only. But the fact is, no sooner you remove these mental blocades, which we can also call as our judgemental attitude, you will realize the immense potential you have and the great achievements that can be surely made.
All the Best !

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't panic due to Swine Flu

The minute by minute counting of the deaths due to Swine flu is what makes it dreadlier. Whenever we start the television or pick up the newspaper or log on to internet news, we find that there has been addition to the number of deaths due to Swine flu and we get more scared. In fact, there are diseases, like Tuberculosis, which is causing two deaths every three minutes i.e. nearly 1000 people every day, but there is no panic type of situation. The reason for tracking Swine flu closely is to maintain a momentum for research and studying the spread of this virus as it is a new one and this is the time to know more about it. Once that happens, we can be more in control of situation arising due to Swine flu.

What is the Td vaccine ?

It is the vaccine that protects against Tetanus and Diphtheria and is meant for adults. It contains different dose for Diphtheria as compared to the DT vaccine. Td is made for people 7 years of age and older. People who have not gotten at least 3 doses of any tetanus and diphtheria vaccine (DTP, DTaP or DT) during their lifetime should do so using Td. After a person gets the third dose, a Td dose is needed every 10 years throughout life.

Type I and Type II error

Type I error (alpha): The probability of finding a difference between two groups when there are none. On the other hand, one minus alpha, is the probability of not finding a difference when there are none. This one minus alpha is also known as Confidence Level.

Typer II error (beta): The probability of not finding a difference between two groups when there is a difference. On the other hand, one minus beta, is the probability of finding a difference when there is one. This one minus beta is also known as Power of the study.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Read Textbooks during M.B.B.S. course

Students always, but naturally try to have shortcuts in studies. They try to have notes written from lectures and take it as complete study materials. It is a sad fact that reading textbooks is slowly losing relevance for the students, which nothing else can compensate. I think that at least two textbooks of each subject must be read during the M.B;B.S. course, to derive the maximum benefit of the undergraduation period. Even when preparing for Post Graduate entrance exams, this is going to help the students a lot. .... Happy Reading.....
Community Medicine is about the health of population, both the sick and the well people. It includes people working in academics and research involved in this. It is known by different names like Public Health and Preventive and Social Medicine. But now it has established itself as a separate entity with its own definition, meaning and role.

Dr. Khan Amir Maroof